Who Is Tyler Ingram?

Who am I? I am currently a resident in the Metro Vancouver area of British Columbia. I have many passions in my life which include Robyn, Photography, Web Design & Development as well as any outdoor activities such as Snowboarding and Hiking.

What Is Tyler Ingram dot com?

This is my personal blog that I have used for numerous purposes over the years but originally it was a programming sandbox. While I taught myself PHP, MySQL and other web development tools, I thought it would have been best to try and create something I could use on a daily basis. I eventually had a full-featured blogging environment that I created with my own hands, but realized I was just re-inventing the wheel. WordPress would do exactly what my scripts would do and eventually I ported myself over to the most popular blogging environment to date.

Topics here on Tyler Ingram dot com have ranged over the years, but typically I try to keep to topics that I find interesting and hope other people also find interesting. I have written posts under a broad range of topics from local news, travel, programming, to what’s hot on the web and will even showcase my photography. More recently though the topics here have been geared more towards the Photography Industry.

Me and 70-200mm

Services Offered?

Over the past few years, I have been part of the Vancouver blogging scene which means I will blog about events I attend, whether they are local or distant. The great thing about attending events is that I also photograph them too. Whether it is a local conference needing some photographic coverage, or a tourist service that needs some extra online word-of-mouth, I am your man.

I also offer the services of Web Design & Development; I love creating WordPress Themes and Plugins. I have had many years of professional development experience with HTML, Javascript, aJax, PHP, MySQL and more to help create unique and dynamic web sites. Also previously mentioned, I also love and have a passion for Photography.

I love getting my hands on the latest technology, playing with it, reviewing it, writing about it here as well as two larger technology review sites. I love generating buzz about new things aimed for consumers.

Getting in touch with me

If you wish to get a hold of me I can be contacted through the following forms of electronic communication: