About Tyler Ingram

About Tyler Ingram

You have come here to find out more about me, Tyler Ingram, right? Well who am I?

I am sure I’ve used disposable cameras before, but my best memory of photography was when my grandfather lent me his 35mm Pentax SLR camera (film) for a school trip to Grant Narrows Regional Park in Pitt Meadows, BC. I think I brought a couple of 24 exposure rolls of film with me and taped the settings chart to the back of the camera body. For those unfamiliar with the inside of a film box, there used to be a little pictograph on how to set your camera settings up based on the weather. You set the camera to the ISO of the film you had, then dialed in some sort of shutter speed (like 1/250th) and then picked the aperture that related (f-stop) to the weather. I think it mostly worked.

During that trip I photographed beavers, birds, a waterfall and fellow classmates. That trip is what probably got me hooked into the world of Photography.

Even though I like to photograph many subjects (landscapes, travel, wildlife etc), I’ve been looking to focus my photography on people; People and Family Portraiture to be more precise.

Some Tidbits About Me

  • Accredited for the 2010 Winter and Paralympic Winter Games.
  • Accredited for Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival (WSSF) since 2009
  • Accredited for Crankworx | Whistler
  • Accredited for various sporting events at Rogers Arena (aka GM Place)
  • Avid birder (more of a photographer who likes photographing birds)
  • Photos published in various print media
    • Hēritage Magazine – Volume XII Issue # 4 pg.15 [photo|inside]
    • Off the Chain: An Insider’s History of Snowboarding  [photo|inside]
    • White Rock 2014/2015 Community Guide [photo|cover, inside]
    • White Rock 2013/2014 Community Guide [photo|inside]
    • White Rock Brochures [photo|cover]