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The previous evening Scott and I quickly picked a place to go for a photowalk the following day, we decided to meet up at the Vancouver Aquarium. Since it was pissing out with rain, we thought this would be the best place to take our cameras without getting to wet, as most of the aquarium is indoors.

As with most trips to the Vancouver Aquarium most people typically start off on the first exhibit on the right as you enter, the Tropical fish zone.

I Pwn This Tank

Nom nOm Nom

You tend to overhear people as they enter or leave the Tropical section of the exhibit and the majority of them complain how humid and hot it is. On a Summer’s day I too would probably complain, but after being back from our recent trip to Costa Rica, I didn’t find it as humid. Either way, my lens fogged up and made taking photos a bit tricky.

And Pose!

Robyn had a mission for me though, find the resident sloth! I did manage to find her, but she wasn’t the most active. The sloths in Costa Rica are much cooler to see.

I See You Mrs.Sloth!

The next section Scott and went through was the Coastal exhibit. Here our western coastline is put on display showing the variation in not only underwater animal life along the west coast but also the underwater plant life. It’s interesting to see how much it can vary the further south you travel. A highlight of course is the Stinging Nettles and other jelly fish.



Then we bounced around downstairs where they keep various types of frogs on display. They do have dart frogs but not the sort we saw in Costa Rica. Even though the Vancouver Aquarium uses the Red-Eyed tree frog in it’s marketing material, they don’t seem to have one in the exhibit.

Lick me!

Oh My! What big eyes you have!

We then headed outside to see the resident dolphins, harbour seals, sea otters and beluga whales. Recently it seems that the Vancouver Aquarium has also rescued a harbour porpoise (named Daisy) which they are nursing back to health. Cute little miss too.

Rescued Harbour Porpoise

Sea Otter!

Feed Me!

It was a fun little photowalk on a dreary Vancouver day. Though it was nice for the rain to stop as Scott and I reached the outside area of the aquarium.

If you’re looking for something to day on a rainy day, check out the Vancouver Aquarium. It costs $22 for an Adult, $17 for Senior/Teen/Student, and $14 for children 4-12.

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  • Mandy Jansen
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 19:03:31

    My favorite shot is the one of the otter, but catching the whale being fed is pretty great, too!

  • Chantel I.
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 23:21:11

    I think the first picture of the jellyfish has fantastic contrast and looks very professional.

    I love the otter picture too. I’ve been trying very hard to convince Stu that I need a baby otter as a Christmas or birthday present. So far, no dice. Same with my request for a baby hippo.