Blog Stats For July 2008


Looking over the statistics for my blog for the month of July has seen a decent increase in overall traffic. I definitely like the trend I see of the increasing traffic numbers my blog has been receiving and I only hope to keep it on the upward climb. There is not much that stands out at me when looking over Google Analytics but I do see a trend of increased traffic to blog posts about electronic gadgets as well as reviews on dining out experiences such as the Sunset Dinner Cruise Robyn and I took for our 6 month anniversary.

How To Get A Quick Spike In Traffic Numbers


One thing I do see each month are spikes in traffic when I post hot local news such as the Maple Ridge Truck Chase or even something as simple as the April 1st joke advertised by Lululemon on how they will be selling a Mansy to their male clientele. If something in your local area hits the news if you are on the ball you can quickly bring in some extra traffic from people hitting Google (and other search engines) to find quick tidbits of information regarding the events.

I remember when there was an accident on one of our local bridges and I blogged about it that morning, I saw a large increase of traffic over the few days while it was in the local news. As long as I kept adding information I came across via the local papers, local new websites or even the radio I managed to keep traffic coming. For those who wish to monetize their sites, increase in traffic equals increase of revenue via your ads such as Google’s AdSense. Not quite like a Digg traffic spike for hitting the front page but after the spike I tend to see a steady increase in returning traffic and that is what I like to see.

Statistics are your best friend!

One thing I still tend to do is check my blog statistics on a daily basis. I have seen other people mention that you should not do check daily as you become controlled by your statistics though I find that I enjoy seeing what is going happening on a daily basis and what people find interesting on my blog as well as how they are finding the posts in the first place.

As I previously mentioned above I have seen a steady increase in traffic and like most webmasters, bloggers or people in marketing in general like seeing is an increase in the people they reach as long as it also increases their return rate.

The nice thing about using Google Analytics is that it has the ability to compare date ranges and this helps when compiling stats to use for my monthly recap posts. Before I used to write down the numbers of the previous months and then find out their percentages to see if things went up or down.

  • Visits: 3,768 (+13.2%)
  • Page Views: 6,408 (+12.50%)

As you can see I do have a decent increase of greater than 10% increase in general traffic, this also is seen for Unique Visits as well. The more people I reach, the more people who return the better I feel in that I am doing something other people find interesting.

July 2008 Earnings

Now even though I share my revenue earnings with people it technically does not necessarily mean money in the bank. With services such as Google Adsense or Kontera they carry over the balance of previous months until you hit a special set amount before they send you a cheque for what you have made. My goal is to try and increase those earnings so that I can actually have the money I earn sitting in the bank. My private ads come to me on a monthly basis so I guess technically that is my true monthly income, but I find it fun to show what my blog makes with all sources even if it’s not sitting in a bank somewhere in the Caymans.

  • Google AdSense: $20.89 (+312%)
  • Kontera: $3.37 (+114%)
  • Reviews: $0.00
  • Private Ad Sales: $15
  • PerformacingAds: $0.00

Total Revenue for July 2008: $39.26 (-52%)

Ok the numbers show a general decrease from the previous month mainly due to the fact I did not review any websites here. Though as you can see from the green figures above I did see a dramatic increase in link ads with AdSense and Kontera which helps tell me that increase of traffic will show an increase in money earned.


PerfomancingAds is new here to my blog and they allow me to sell 125×125 button ads on the left side navigation bar for the cheap price of $5 per week. If you are looking to gain a bit more exposure on your site I recommend clicking on the Advertise Here for PerformancingAds and securing your 125×125 ad here on Tyler Ingram dot Com. An increase of traffic on my site means increased exposure for your site!

As for Kontera I am not sure why keep those ads around, some people find that the hover links that Kontera uses might be a bit intrusive or annoying if you accidentally move the mouse around the page and I sometimes find that the keywords Kontera highlights does not match well with the ad they display.

Private Ads I find are great for smaller blogs as they are usually not based on traffic. I set aside room in various spots or locations based on the advertisers requests and as long as the ads make sense and follow the general content on the page they choose I usually set them up on a month to month basis.

What does this all mean?

Well it means I still have an audience and that audience is increasing at a nice rate, not an alarming rate, but a decent rate that still reassures me that people out there find what I talk about interesting.

My goals are to increase return traffic as well as create more backlinks for my site. How will I do that? Well I do plan on running at least one or two contests throughout August in which you can win free electronic gadgets or gismos. If you wish to stay informed for when I do run these contests just subscribe to my Full RSS feed as it will ensure you are kept up to date with the happens here. If there are any companies out there that wish to donate prizes for my readers in which they can win by doing really simple tasks I ask that you contact me and I am sure we can think of exciting ways to not only get people excited for free gizmos but also increase your exposure.

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  • Derek
    Aug 8, 2008 @ 12:08:09

    Good to see the increase in your traffic, as well as in specific monetization tools. As for your comments re: Kontera, I am in the same boat but just haven’t pulled the trigger to actually remove it from my one blog.

  • Tyler Ingram
    Aug 8, 2008 @ 12:23:43

    Yea I’m just sitting on the fence with Kontera, I mean it has the potential though perhaps better use on a more specialized site with more traffic.