Cambodia: Siem Reap


I have seem to, yet again,  gotten behind in my blog posts and really it’s because of lack of spare time. With my new career I’m fairly busy from Monday to Friday and then Weekends are fairly busy getting ready for our new arrive, there hasn’t been much time where I’ve wanted to sit at the computer, go through photos and post them.  There isn’t much left in regards to the SE Asia trip that we did last year (wow, it seems like a long time ago actually) but the next few posts will probably be of Angkor Wat and the surrounded temple complex. Truly, a highlight of Cambodia. I would really like to get back at writing more posts, and I will just have to try and set aside more time to do them.

With that being said, we didn’t do too much exploring of Siem Reap. We did stay for a total of 3 days, but they were fairly busy with us seeing some of the local places and of course we spent 1.5 days at Angkor Wat itself.

We stayed at the Angkor Way Boutique Hotel. It was a fairly nice hotel and after Robyn slowly recovering from her food poisoning it was comfortable.

Angkor Way Boutique Hotel, Cambodia

If we did decide to go off on our own, there were some local tuk-tuk drivers always waiting at the curbside of the hotel.

The day of our arrival in Siem Reap, after our lunch we went to Artisans Angkor and visited (free) some of the workshops where they do stone and wood carving, lacquering, silver plating and silk painting. You are taken around with a local guide .  It was amazing to see what some of these people can do with the tools and materials at hand.

Artisans Angkor - Lacquer

Artisans Angkor - Silver Plating

Artisans Angkor - Stone Carving

Artisans Angkor - Angkor Wat

For dinner that day we headed to Pub Street. From what a friend recently told us about her trip to Cambodia about 5 years ago, the bars would still do grenade checks at the doors. Crazy! Pub Street during the day it might not look like much, but it looks much better at night.

Pub Street - Cambodia - Daytime

Pub Street - Cambodia - Nighttime

There are a lot of good places to eat on Pub Street, but there are also places to eat in the alleyways between the buildings too.

Alley near Pub Street - Cambodia

If your feet have had a long day, why not dip them into a pool of fish? Seems to be a big thing these days and I am surprised we don’t see them here in Vancouver. Yea, the fish will nibble at your feet and eat dead skin etc, kinda gross but people seem to like it.

Fish Massage - Siem Reap

When you’re done eating, there are 2 night markets nearby. So be sure to check either of them out. Though, be prepared to be harassed by the vendors if you’re walking around their wares. Some of them can be quite creative in getting you to buy something.

Siem Reap Night Market

Siem Reap Night Market street

Siem Reap Night Market stalls

Siem Reap Night Market 2

The following day we headed out to Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples, but I won’t go into that here. That is probably going to be at least 2 blog posts.

On the last day we headed out to the Artisans Angkor’s Silk farm. It was actually pretty neat to see each stage of the farm. From the growing of the larva to the feeding of the worms, to collection of the silk cocoons to spinning it into thread and then the final weaving.

Artists Angkor Silk Farm - Silk worms

Artists Angkor Silk Farm - Spinning Silk

Artists Angkor Silk Farm - More Spinning

Artists Angkor Silk Farm - Silk Weaving

After the Silk Farm we headed over to the floating village. The floating village will be another post in the series for Cambodia. So much we did, in such little time. The sad thing was, once we left Siem Reap we know we would be heading back to Bangkok and then home. Our 2 month adventure was almost over.

I’ll leave you with a few more photos from that day; including one of myself eating a frog.

Myself eating frogs
About to eat a frog

Crickets for snacks
Cooked crickets by the bag

Resting huts
The waterway to Angkor Wat – Resting huts

Lotus Flower
Blooming Lotus Flower

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