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Ever since I took my Intermediate Digital Photography course at Langara, and we played with single strobes with light modifiers, I have always wanted to get more into portrait photography. Without spending a lot of money, I wanted to utilize the Canon Sigma EF-520 DC Super flash unit I have so I looked at a variety of options and came to the conclusion I wanted to make use of a softbox. The nice thing about have a flash unit (flash gun in some circles) is that there are light modified designed to work with them. A buddy of mine first introduced me to the more portable type softboxes with his QBox24 by CheetahStand. I’ve looked at alternatives around the Internet and found a decent deal for a 24-inch softbox that was similar at my local London Drugs store.

This is where the TechPro EzyBox 24-inch Softbox comes in.

TechPro EzyBox 24

The one thing I first noticed right away when I picked up this particular softbox is how small the bag was. For something that folds out to be 24-inches by 24-inches square, the softbox fits nicely in the little bag. That’s great when you are needing a light modifier and need it to be portable. The above photo of the bag is fairly small. The width of it is smaller than my 13″ Macbook Air and it is fairly light-weight.

What’s in the bag?

So when I got home and opened it up, this is what I saw inside the small bag:

What is in the bag!

A smaller inner bag holds the folded up 24-inch softbox, the white diffuser sheet, the tripod adapter as well as the flash mounting bracket. The bracket and adapter are of metal construction and feel sturdy. The white diffuser sheet has velcro on both sides which is nice because you can still attach something over top of it such as a honeycomb grid.

Softbox folded up

TechPro Softbox unfolded

When you remove the softbox from the inner bag, make sure you hold on to it fairly well. It is spring loaded and if you’re not paying attention you could hurt yourself with it as it unfolds. When the softbox is unfolded you can leave it like that or put it back into the bag when you need to transport it around. I read somewhere that when you’re not travelling with it (such as Airplane travel) you should probably just leave it in the unfolded state like you see in the above folder.

Simple to Assemble

Once you’ve unfolded it from its spring-loaded state, you can just pull it apart into its square form. You then can easily attach the adapter ring which will then attach to the flash bracket.

24-inch Softbox

Flash Bracket Closeup

Flash with PocketWizard Attached

The above photo shows the Sigma flash unit attached to the flash bracket with my PocketWizard PlusX dangling from its strap. This is my off-camera flash setup and it is triggered by another PocketWizard PlusX attached to my camera body.

Silver Lining

Silver Lining Close up

The inside of the 24-inch softbox is made up of a silver reflector, which is is to help focus the light towards the front of the softbox.

Diffused Softbox

Diffused Flash

You attach the white diffusion sheet to the front of the softbox by the way of the velcro strips. The diffusion sheet has velcro on both sizes of the edge, this allows your to attach other modified such as a honeycomb grid in front of the diffuser. The white diffusion will help soften the light that is being directed on to your subject. You might not be able to notice it, but I did trigger my flash when I took the above photo too.

My Plans for the Softbox

Now I am totally new to this Strobist style of photography. I would love to be able to do more portraits and want to utilize the 1 light off-camera setup and have some ideas for it. I’m going to look at what I can do with a single off-camera flash and report back here as often as I can.

If you have any advice, suggestions etc, I am totally interested in hearing it! Feel free to leave a comment (or two) here with your suggestions, advice and whatever else you may want to share.

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