Celebration of Light 2009: South Africa


Originally Robyn and I were supposed to take a Firework boat cruise but those plans changed. The weather changed with the approaching thunderstorm it rained while we walked down to Coal Harbour to the Vancouver Harbour Cruise marina. We we’re looking forward to a romantic boat cruise what would consist of appetizers and the impressive firework display but things changed when we arrived.

After we  received our boarding tickets we walked on board the Harbour Princess and were met by no seating and very crowded conditions. There was a mix of ages from screaming little children, teens, adults and elderly. Robyn and I did not think this would be very romantic. Did I mention it was raining and very humid? There was no covered area outside and what places we did find, easily filled up with beer drinking flailers. We were disappointed and disembarked before the boat left the marina.

The good thing is that Vancouver Harbour Cruises has an exceptional staff and were wanting to make it better for us. We were able to salvage our boarding passes and have them convert them to an Indian Arm Luncheon tour on the up coming Monday! We’re looking forward to that and we do thank the Vancouver Harbour Cruise company for helping us out. After all, we did really enjoy our Sunset Dinner Cruise with them last year.

Celebration of Light: South Africa

So we headed back to our apartment in the ran in Vancouver’s West End to watch the fireworks. Robyn’s mum and one of her friends were there to join us out on the balcony.

Last Wednesday was Canada’s turn to impress the over 300,000 visitor to English Bay with a spectacular fireworks performance. This time was South Africa’s turn and we believe that they outshone Canada, but just by a little bit. If you click on the photos below, a larger view will pop up without you having to leave the page!






Did I mention that during all of this a lightning storm was happening? It’s pretty rare for Vancouver to receive lightning storms but we did, and you could hear all of English Bay “Ooohing”, “Ahhhing” and cheering every time forked lightning cracked across the sky.

Lightning and Fireworks

I did manage to capture the lightning and fireworks in a single photo. Unfortunately the fireworks at the time were not that impressive. Still a pretty cool effect if you can understand how difficult lightning can be to photograph.

You can check out my Flickr Photoset for Fireworks. I will be looking at uploading my lightning photographs later today as well.

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  • GusF
    Jul 26, 2009 @ 09:04:20

    Awesome photos!!! And even to capture the lightening isn’t an easy task. Well done!

  • Arthur
    Jul 26, 2009 @ 11:46:04

    Excellent photo,i was there on saturday and i tried to capture some images of the thunderstorm but i didn’t have any luck.The yellow sky was really beautiful.

  • Kimm
    Jul 26, 2009 @ 14:57:18

    what an awesome photo. The storm started were I as racing in Harrison and slowly moved westward. Our regatta got canceled in the medal rounds with 5 heats never getting a chance to race. But that’s mother nature for ya..

    I was wondering if the fireworks were gonna still happen..

  • Masey
    Aug 3, 2009 @ 23:06:49

    Great effort capturing the fireworks and lightning together mate. Well done!