Dine Out Victoria: The Tapa Bar


In my most recently excursion over to Vancouver Island to the lovely capital city of British Columba, Victoria; the girlfriend and I decided we needed to grab a bite to eat after checking into our room at the Empress Hotel.

I have not been to a Tapas bar before and didn’t really know what it was either. Robyn explained to me that Tapas bars are pretty much appetizers so I thought since we both weren’t totally hungry it would be a good spot to go to get something small but tasty.

Now if you have never been to Victoria, the downtown core offers many small restaurants for the many tourists that walk the streets each day. Just off of Government Street there is a small alley called Trounce Alley (620 Trounce Alley, Victoria BC: 1-250-383-0013) and that is where The Tapa Bar resides.

Though the Tapa Bar was full of people and we didn’t feel like waiting 30+ minutes to be seated we opted to be seated outside. Some people might think we were crazy with the cold temperatures (roughly hovering around 2 degrees Celsius) but they supplied us with warm blankets and turned on the over head heating units to keep us nice and warm.

Eggplant Dish - The Tapas Bar - Victoria BC

After a bit looking over the menu of various foods they offered and drinking our Sangria we decided on the eggplant dish. Grilled Eggplant served in a tomato basil sauce with fresh goat cheese. Robyn liked it more than I did, but I found the texture of the goat cheese a bit odd. Even though I did not get to try other of the fine foods they had to offer on the menu, I would definitely go back and try the others when I go back to Victoria.


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