Juvenile Anna’s Hummingbird

Juvenile Male Anna's Hummingbird

Went out and about today with @PacificEagle to the Rose Garden’s of Stanley Park. He was mentioning that there were 3 different hummingbirds feeding in one particular spot. As we stood around a section of the garden, I poked around to the other side just in time to see the above hummingbird feeding.

So how does one tell what sort of hummingbird it is? Well at first it looked more like a female Anna’s with its not as bright green back and gray underparts. It wasn’t until he stopped feeding did I notice it was a male. The small ruby patch on the throat is a trait of the male Anna’s Hummingbirds. Since his green back wasn’t shiny I figured it was a juvenile. Either way it was nice to see a new hummingbird out and about.

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