Nude Cycling Can Bring In Traffic


Yesterday when Robyn, our friend Jenny and I went to the BCKA Kite Festival we walked by what seemed to be a large gathering of people at Sunset Beach. What we didn’t notice was that the people in the middle of the crowd were all nude cyclists. I remember last year while I was walking down Thurlow Street, a horde of nude cyclists whet riding past on Robson Street in Vancouver. So this group of nude cyclists I thought might be the same protesters from last year, well some of them anyway, but with the same idea of riding around the tourist filled streets this year with nothing on but a smile and perhaps some body paint.

What is the protest about? If I remember correctly it has to do with clean or green alternatives to driving, particularly biking your way around the city. Is it a coincidence that it happens the day before Car Free Day? I also remember reading that a local association is trying to have even less cars in the downtown area of Vancouver by trying to get rid of permit parking as well as residential building parking. Yes, I live in the West End but I need my car to get to work on the two days I do work, our Transit system fails me for my long commute out into the valley. I am also not about to get a different job closer to home either. Robyn too has to take 3 buses to get from our place in the West End to her work on Broadway, now that doesn’t seem very transit efficient does it? Oh well.

Anyway, I’m falling off topic here with personal rants. After we got back from the Kite Festival and walking along the First Beach area of English Bay the nude cyclists were on their way back and made quite a ruckus as they passed by. Some were fully naked, some were just topless and the occasional person was clothed, though those people might be just random cyclists that got sucked into the massive group. The Police were also escorting the group on their bikes too.

So how does this increase traffic to someone’s Flickr Photostream? Well, I found that within 24 hours I have received 3,000+ views alone just on the Flickr photoset I created for the Nude Cyclists. Within that set, the two most popular photos are the following:



So how does one get such a huge increase in traffic with Filckr on their Photostream? The secret I would guess are the keywords that are associated to these photos; Breasts, Topless, and Nude. People must be searching for these terms on Flickr and just lurking behind the scenes, not commenting either. The photos of the females cyclists are also receiving more views then the male cyclists, does this mean guys are more likely to search for the above terms on Flickr?

So now that these photos are receiving hundreds of views, what now? Nothing really, the photos are not receiving any comments. Nor do I think the photos themselves are very technical either. I did some cropping, colour and light adjustments.

I did tweet saying that I saw this group of cyclists, received a few replies, but nothing spectacular. I wasn’t expecting any sort of traffic increase, but there is the odd person who would be curious what the Nude Cycling in Vancouver was all about.

If you want a quick increase in Flickr photos traffic, just post a couple of nude photos!

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  • Kimm
    Jun 14, 2009 @ 09:40:35

    I hope they had a lot of sunscreen on.. Its sounds like a silly cause.. Not everyone who works downtown lives downtown or can take transit to get to work on time in a timely fashion.

    However if they can prove you can ride your bike from middle of Surrey to downtown core in a timely fashion and naked then people might rethink about biking to work..

    Then again Transit needs to step up to the plate and make it work forever one.

    Glad you had fun at the kite festival.

  • Karl
    Jun 16, 2009 @ 14:01:16

    haha nice shots perv! jk.

    I did a post on outdoor nude recreation (a mini case-study on this very phenomenon) on how the post became one of the most visited because of keywords:

  • My Fashion Jewelry
    Jun 19, 2009 @ 11:09:15

    is this ok for the winter months if they dont want to buy propper cycling tights, surely if there are nude ones no one would notice anyway, apart from maybe a light sheen?

  • Guy
    Jul 10, 2009 @ 02:22:04

    Hello Tyler,
    I enjoyed reading your blog here. I am also a photographer and have posted 100s of photos of Flickr, mostly from triathlons and cycling. Then I take some nude photos, publish about 10 of these, and my site gets tons of hits. I found it interesting too.
    Actually, I would like to do the World Naked Bike Ride one year, just for the fun of it. We`ll see.