Photo of the Day: Whytecliff

Whytecliff Park

We went for a little walk around the Horseshoe Bay area on Sunday. It was a lot nicer out than what was expected for the weather to be, which was nice of course. We’re slowly getting away from Winter and into Spring/Summer.

With the tide being low, people were out on the Whytecliff Rock. Typically, when Robyn and I are there we are usually there at high-tide so I have never actually be on the rock itself. I have heard and seen people stuck on it when the tide has come in though. When the tide is low, sit creates a little land bridge between the shoreline and the rock for which people can cross over. Though, if you don’t pay attention you can get sort of stuck on it and would probably have to wade back over to the shore line

School Related:

We have 10 days left of school; 4 days this week, 3 days next week and then 3 days for our final exams. We still have 2 projects due and are still being assigned assignments. If feels like it will never end! I can’t wait to get back into the work-force. I just have to keep my eye out on either software development or web development opportunities now.

I’ve also signed up for a course at Langara in May; Intermediate Digital Photography. I’ll be getting more acquainted with on and off camera lighting as well as shooting portraits with models. I hope to become less shy when taking photos of people, at least that is my goal for the course. Either way, I am looking forward to that.

Travel Related:

We’ve booked out flights to SE Asia. Our first leg is from Vancouver->Hong Kong->Bangkok. Probably stay the night in Bangkok and then heading to Ubud in Bali for the first part of our trip. I’m also in the process of making a new WordPress theme, a more minimalistic one, which I hope that will highlight our travel photography during the 10 weeks. Getting excited for this adventure too!

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