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After reading a recent post on Miss604 during her Thursday Morning Link Fest: Delicious Edition made mention of a post that has 13 of the best WordPress pluins and I checked it out to find that they listed a very cool and useful contact form plugin; cformsII.

cformsII is a very robust, full of features, very customizable contact plugin for WordPress and at first glance it looked like it might be a bit too much. I decided to give it a whirl since the previous contact form I was using was not the easiest to implement nor very configurable to my liking.

The beginner user of WordPress might find that cformsII is a bit overwhelming when it comes to options and settings. For ease of use though you can select their basic form add a simple HTML comment to one of your static pages to activate it and voila, it works.


Advanced users can get into the customizable aspect of cformsII which can allow you to add various form fields (basic text, drop downs, checkboxes) and even go as far as completely skinning the form (via CSS) to fit your blog’s theme to give it that more unique, professional look. One feature I found unique was the ability to have separate contact forms that look different from one another, I personally wouldn’t use this (not yet anyway) but the application of this feature allows for almost anything possible to be possible.


Did I mention you can also have your visitors upload files if you wish them to do so? How useful that can be would be determined by what it is you would want them to upload. Perhaps some marketing material or some source code they send you so you can look over it? Who knows, all I know is that cformsII is very feature filled and is laid out in a nice and (somewhat) easy manner to use.

Are you afraid of spam? Well cformsII also has built in CAPTCHA and Visitor Verification systems so it can help reduce the chance of you receiving spam. Both are fairly customizable to suit your needs and easy to implement.

So if you’re looking for a fully featured contact plugin for WordPress my recommendation to you is to check out cformsII and install it today, you won’t be disappointed! Now all I have to do is install it onto some other blogs and people will be able to get in touch with me easily and effortlessly.

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  • godofnetizens
    Jul 2, 2008 @ 07:29:10

    Good review.

    Downloading it right now.

    Thanks Tyler.