Family Photos in White Rock and Crescent Beach

Family Photos in White Rock and Crescent Beach

I love when families I know want to have their family photos done on a yearly basis. The first time I met the “B”family was while they were on vacation here in White Rock from Washington State. If I recall, they liked one of my photos on Instagram and contacted me to do a similar family photo session for them down at the beach. I was excited as I love to go down to the beach and take photos.

Fast forward a year and they got in touch with me again. This time they wanted to have photos done at the White Rock Pier. So we did just that. I met up with them at the start of the pier and we went from there.

Family Photos at the White Rock Pier

Family Photos at the White Rock in White Rock

A couple of days later, I asked if they wanted to meet up at Crescent Beach in South Surrey for some additional photos. They were more than happy to meet up. We started near Blackie Spit and then ended up at the the Crescent Beach Pier.

Family Photos in Crescent Beach at the Pier

Family Photos inCrescent Beach at the Pier

I hope they come back year after year and have me continue to take their family photos as I really enjoy capturing moment after moment with them. “C” is adorable and wants me to check out her fairy garden back home. I think next time, if they want, we would check out the Fairy Forest in Redwood Park in South Surrey. I know my son loves seeing all the fairy houses, I bet “C” would also.

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