New Design, New Path, New Horizons

I’ve been wanting to redesign my website and lean away from the blog being the main focal point and steer it more to showcasing my photography. So, I’ve finally bit the bullet and moved the blog and deleted all previous blog posts.

Photograph Spirit Bridge, Squamish by Tyler Ingram on 500px

I wanted the general use of my new design to be less about blogging and more about about the photography sessions I have done and will do. The previous incarnation of my website was a mash of a whole bunch of topics but now I just want to concentrate specifically on photography.

I hope this layout is fairly straight-forward and easy to read. There is some housekeeping I need to do with the various elements behind the scenes, but at least I can sort of start with a clean slate.

For now I need to look at selecting some photos for the 3 categories on the main portion of my page: Landscape, People and Wildlife.



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